Prague has been Prague from time immemorial

A thousand years ago, a deputation of the caliph of Cordoba walked peregrinated through these lands. The retinue was accompanied, among others, by Abraham ben Jacob who described everything he saw, heard and experienced during the journey. We do not know how he got here; it certainly was not by an express train or by the Segway, a horse is much more likely. And it was not without restraints, for he was complaining about impenetrability of the roads.

Abraham, the son of Jacob (ben means "son") wrote in Arabian, and since there is no "p" in this language, he wrote the name of the city either Fraga or Braga. He also calls the city of Kraków Kráková and the citizens of the Kingdom of Hungary he calls Turkish.

Abraham, the son of Jacob, wrote: "And the city of Fraga is built of stone and lime and is a city of commerce, the richest of them all. The Russians of Krákov and the Slavs come here with their wares and Muhammadans from the land of the Turk, and the Jews as well as Turks come here with their wares and common money and they take with them slaves, tin and pelts galore."

He had written even more. We might, however, be satisfied with the testimony about the fact that Prague was a very important town even a thousand years ago. Yet another ancient paper has been preserved which speaks for the fact that Prague has always been Prague. Laureantius, a monk of Monte Cassino, wrote already in 992 about our land as having "not only an abundance of various things but also of heroes and warriors. In this land a city lies from times immemorial which is eligible to serve a seat for the King, by rulers of those parts is feared..."

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