Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We try to answer all of the common questions here about Prague Segway Tours. If something isn't clear or hasn't been answered, or if you have any special requirements, please contact us.

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Segway Personal Transporters

What is a The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) / Segway PT? (top)

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT), or Segway PT, is the two-wheeled self-balancing mode of transportation. It's a remarkable combination of technology and design, the result of which is an efficient and environmentally friendly form of personal transportation, capable of moving an individual anywhere they would like to go.

They are easy to use, extremely safe and despite their green credentials, they still manage to be incredibly fun. In fact, being green has never been so much fun!

Are they difficult to ride? (top)

Despite their complex technology, The Segway® Personal Transporters (PT) are probably the easiest things to ride you will ever try. Their built-in gizmos do (almost) all of the hard work for you.

We will provide sufficient training for you to enjoy your day but in our experience, some people "get it" in 5 minutes, some people take 20.

Is riding a Segway PT really so much fun? (top)

We think so - and so do our customers.

How much do they cost to buy? (top)

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) costed in Czech Republic about € 8000,-

Are Segway PTs legal? (top)

Yes, in the Czech Republic, Segway PTs have status of „walker“ and are legal on public pavements and roadways if our speed does not exceeds 6 km/hour.

How fast can they go? (top)

The maximum speed of a Segway PT is 20 Km/hour(12.5 MPH), but we will go 6-9 km/hour (3.7-5.6 MPH).

How far can they go? (top)

Range varies between 12-24 miles. This depends on the actual model, the terrain and operating speed. The weight of the rider and any cargo also has an effect.

What if I can't do it? (top)

Lots of people feel nervous when trying something different for the very first time - especially something unusual like a Segway PT. People don't always believe just how stable they are and how simple they are to operate. Don't worry, we have coached literally thousands of people and will put you at ease very quickly. In the extremely unlikely event of you not feeling comfortable enough to participate (after having had a reasonable try), we will happily refund your booking.

Yellow Zebra Segway's and Bikes

What are your opening hours? (top)

Our website is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our office at Michalska 12, 110 00 Praha 1-Old Town, just 150 metres from Astronomical Clock, is open every day 10:00-21:00

How quickly will you answer my email? (top)

Always as quick as we possibly can. 100% of emails will be answered within 24 hours but you might just get a response within 5 minutes!

What if I have a complaint? (top)

We hope that you will never need to make a complaint - but we are only human. Therefore, from time-to-time, we accept that we may make mistakes. If you need to make a complaint, please contact us via email, with full details, and we will log, review and respond to your complaint as soon as possible.

Segway tours prices - Is this final prices? (top)

Yes, prices are final-but there is superb discount if you are more than two persons!

Have you found better price somewhere (top)

Yes it is possible, but try to compare the products carefully. 3 hours tour is not same as 3 hours tour. Our Segway Tours are individual - private. It means just you and your guide. No group of 10 strange people who distract you and on other hand you don’t delay whole group because you like to go slowly and enjoy the charming Prague views or you like to make pictures right now, right here. You can determinate the start of your Segway tour. You don’t need to wait for sunset, you can start right now. You can even determinate where to go if you know what you like to see. Are you interesting what is behind the corner? Yes, you can easily explore it because you are on the private Segway tour.


Is riding a Segway PT dangerous? (top)

If you do not follow the guidance given during your training and the instructions from your guide, you could lose control and injure yourself, someone else or damage something. But don't panic - Segway PTs are extremely safe when used properly and we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you do. So, relax and enjoy the experience - and consider that thousands of people use Segway PTs every day without any issues.

Segway boss died in accident? (top)

Almost every day some of our clients tells me about death accident the inventor of Segway when asking me about safety Prague Segway tour. Jimi Heselden was not a inventor. Jimi Heselden whose personal fortune was ranked at £166m and earned him 395th place in 2010 Sunday Times Rich List, bought the Segway company in January 2010, after commissioning a financial analysis of its success in the US, where it was invented and he died during accident when he had development mode on and went about 40 miles per hour!(60 km/h)!. This cannot happend on your tour! The maximum speed of Segway sold is 12.5 miles per hour (20.1 km/h) and due to the Czech law, speed is limited on the tour to 3.7-5.6 MPH(6-9 km/hour). Name od the inventor is Dean Kamen.

Do I really need to wear a helmet? (top)

Yes! For your safety, it is essential that you wear a helmet. No helmet = no time on any of our Segway PTs.

Can I wear my own helmet? (top)

You can bring your own helmet

Is there a safety/training video? (top)

Yes. You can view it on-line on the page of manufacturer here: http://www.segwaysafety.com/videos You will find it helpful (but not essential) if you are able to watch it prior to attending your experience.


What are the age limits? (top)

Minimum age is 8 years.

What are the weight limits? (top)

Segway INC, the people who designed and built the Segway PT, have specified the following requirements:

Riders must weigh at least 45kg (approximately 7 stones / 100 lbs and must be are no heavier than 117kg (approximately 18 stone / 245 lbs).

If you are too heavy then the motors might not be powerful enough to keep you upright on a steep hill. If you are too light, you might not be able to brake effectively.

I'm under 18 years old, do I need an adult to be present with me? (top)

Yes - and they need to ride with you, too. Your disclaimer will also need to be signed by you and someone who is 18 or older. They will be responsible for you during the experience.

What is your cancellation policy? (top)

You need to give us 3 clear days notice in order to get a refund or alternative date..

On The Day

Why do I need to sign a disclaimer? (top)

When your booking was made, the person who booked it agreed to our terms and conditins. The conditions stipulate that all riders have to sign the disclaimer to ensure they are aware of the risks and agree to take responsibility for their actions. Therefore, if you do not sign the disclaimer on the day, you will not be allowed to participate and you will not receive a refund.
Insurance is NOT INCLUDED for your Segway Tours in Prague, you are advised to arrange this through your travel company before your travel.

Where are you based? (top)

The adress of our office and starting point is: Discover Tour Center, Michalska 12, Praha 1-Old Town. Near to Old Town Square, 150 metres from the Astronomical clock.

What if the weather is bad? (top)

The show must go on! Segway PTs work fine in most kinds of weather so the chances are, unless the weather is deemed a safety risk by us, the experience will continue. So if there is light rain - bring a coat - if it's windy, wrap up well. If you are not sure – contact us.

If bookings are to be cancelled, we will try and contact you on the morning of the event, please ensure you provide suitable contact details when you book.

Is there any secure storage for bags and other items? (top)

There are no secure storage facilities available for customers. Any belongings you bring are your responsibility. We recommend you do not bring along valuable items - and never leave any valuable items on-display in your car. Your car may be unattended for some time depending on the experience.

Are there toilets available? (top)

In our office, during the tour we can stop in cafés and restaurants.

Can I take photos/videos? (top)

Absolutely! Bring your cameras and video cameras along. All we ask is that you don't take your pictures and footage while you are moving. There are lots of opportunities to stop or slow down to take pictures. We'll even take some for you if you would like.

What if I cancel? / What if I am ill? (top)

If you cannot make your planned booking date and time, you should cancel your tour as soon as possible. If you cancel giving at least 3 days notice, you will receive a full refund or change of date. If you cancel with less than 3 full clear days notice, you will unfortunately not be given a refund. Restrictions apply - see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

What if I lose my receipts/booking confirmation? (top)

Your receipts/confirmation will help us identify who is eligible to participate in the Yellow Zebra Segway's and Bike e-mail confirmation will be sufficient. If you lose yours, please bring some other proof of ID that will match the details of the person who booked the experience. If no receipt or ID is provided, you may lose your place(s) and will not be entitled to a refund. Contact us in advance and we may be able to re-issue the confirmation e-mail.

What type of clothing should I wear? (top)

Please wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Most experiences take place outside and in almost all weather conditions. Even if it is only mildly cold, we recommend you bring along a coat and gloves to keep you warm.

We recommend you wear clothing that will cover your legs and arms. Maxi dresses/skirts are not a good idea if they restrict your movement or obscure your view of the Segway's platform.

Will I get muddy/dirty? (top)

Segway PTs are pretty good at catching crud! However, if the experience is particularly muddy or wet, then you may get some residue on your clothing. Also, if you follow the person in front too closely - you may inadvertently catch some debris from their tyres.

You may need to step off the machine in the woods so your footwear may also get a little bit muddy.

What kind of footwear should I wear? (top)

There are no recommendations other than something you feel comfortable in. Remember, you will be standing up throughout the experience. High heels are NOT a good idea!

What time should I turn up? (top)

Our experiences will start promptly - so don't be late! Aim to arrive approximately 5 minutes before your allotted time.

What if I'm late? (top)

Please don't be late as it is very likely that you will miss your experience entirely.

If your party is the only group riding, it may be possible to start late, but the experience will always finish at the planned end time to ensure subsequent customers are not affected by your tardiness.

How can I prepare? (top)

You don't need to do any preparation. All necessary training will be provided on the day. However, if you are interested, you can watch the full Segway PT training video on-line right now: http://www.segwaysafety.com/videos It will help with your awareness and build the excitement.

In the restaurant

Why this restaurants? (top)

We choose this restaurants because we can guarantee your satisfaction from our own repeated experience and consider as one of the best and most romantic in the city.

What we will get for lunch? (top)

You can choose three course menu from two options at the spot. Water and coffee included.

What we will get for dinner? (top)

Set four course dinner from daily offer. Glass of champagne, water and coffee.

Dress code? (top)

There is not dress code.


What is the maximum number of riders? (top)

As we do individual tours, we expect couples, but groups are welcome. The maximum number of riders is 9 (all riding at the same time). However, we can manage larger groups by running sessions back-to-back. At present we have 10 machines (plus 1 for the guide) but we could manage a bigger group of riders by booking two slots next to each other. At half time, the riders can swap over. Non-riders can take a refreshment in the terrace restaurant in our office. Please contact us with your questions about making a booking for more than one slot.

Do I really need to book in advance? (top)

On-line booking closes 1 day before the day of a particular experience. For example, if you want to book a tour on a Friday, the latest you can book it on-line is Thursday.

If you are considering a last minute booking, you should give us a call. If you turn up on the day, you may be lucky - but you may be disappointed.

What payment methods do you accept? (top)

We accept CZK or Euro cash only.

My booking wasn't confirmed, - what should I do? (top)

This can happen under unusual circumstances. Please contact us soon as possible so we can resolve the problem. Until your booking is confirmed, your place on the tour remains open for other people to book.
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