Prague cobblestones on Segway

Does Segway cope with the Prague pavement? Of course yes! Better than your feet. During our three-hour ride with Prague Segway Tours iSegway we found several types of stone paving and Segway comfortably mastered each of them. It should be noted that an older cobblestones need to ride slowly - maximum walking speed. Segway is very smart and safe machine and when it detects increased disturbances when driving on rough terrain, it will automatically slow down and let you know that in this field it is necessary to go slowly and take extra caution. So what is the cat's head (cobbles)? It is a type of quartzite pavement. It was called so because; wear, worn down to rounding and so reminding the cat's head. In some places in Prague is still possible to encounter with cobblestones and there also Segway most rattles. One of the places we passed on Kampa, the descent to the Vltava River where there is a fascinating view of the Charles Bridge from the river level.

Across the river, you would also find the oldest preserved paved space in Prague, at the corner of the Crusaders' Monastery near Charles Bridge, which was transferred from the Judith Bridge. It is pavement made from random stone slabs from lavas area of about 12 square meters.

The Prague town streets were begun to pave in the 14th century under King John of Luxembourg with pebbles from the Vltava deposits. However indeed the oldest remnants of the paved roads from the end of the 10th century were discovered during excavations in the third courtyard of Prague Castle.

The historical data cannot be tempted to assumption that all the streets have been paved from said period, such as the Prague Castle before 1567 was without pavement. The Wenceslas Square was still paved around in 1870 with large pebbles, i.e. not quarry stone, which would ensure more parity of tile surface. As quarry stone was mainly used, beside the lavas, the sandstone, limestone, quartzite, and since the early 20th century the granite blocks. Granite tiles suffer when rains by washout joints, the cobbles lose the footing and disperse away to the sides. Then it is necessary to dismantle the whole pavement and lay anew. Then there is in fact no same Prague Segway tour - the pavement in Prague repair continuously and therefore is necessary to change the route in according with the traffic flow.

Its place in materials for pavement also had wood. With the wooden blocks paved passages of houses, on larger space then wooden tiles used in the vicinity of hospitals and bridges. One such passage paved with wooden blocks Prague Segway iSegway can show you on the Konvitska Street.

On the steepest part of today Nerudova Street were even placed wooden beams which allowed overcoming this climb to horse carriages.

Tiles regular imposed in rows applied in Prague since the late 18th century and sidewalk, as elevated part of the street, then since the second half of the 19th century. The first sidewalks were on the Charles Bridge around 1840 and mosaic pavements in Prague were performed since around 1850. At the present time, especially in the historical parts of cities, pedestrian zones, and shopping centers etc. the pavement is experiencing a renaissance.

The advantage of driving Segway in Prague is that the runabout has privileges as a walker and therefore can, by keeping the walking speed, use the Prague pedestrian walkways and as walker also roads, but its biggest asset with I most use is that the Segway can go very, very slowly and still precise and effortless control even the rough Prague pavement., Prague Tour Center

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