Segway tours in Prague will not be prohibited yet

If you are planning a trip to Prague, you have maybe the last chance in this summer to explore Prague and to let you show Prague important relics by this funny form. If you choose the longest ride from the offer, you will spend 3 hours segway tour on Segway in the streets of Prague, you will pass 10 to 15 km and will see almost everything important and interesting what you can see in Prague. Your private guide will tell you the history of these places and will take you safety on places which you would have to walk through for several days. When you move slowly up to the Prague castle segway tour on a raised platform of Segway, you will be passing crowds of tired tourists who usually admiringly stare and envy that you do not have to walk up the hill to the Castle. You will certainly be planning to use Segway also at your next stops in Europe, Budapest segway tour Vienna, Berlin or maybe next year on the other continent because Segway thanks to its undeniable advantages has spread on touristy interesting places all over the world and definitely it would be a pity if it was prohibited in Prague as the Prague councillors plan.

In fact the representatives of Prague 1 continuously struggle for banishing Segway from the pavements of Prague streets and they plan a change of legislation in spite of studies of specialists who do not stand for space prohibition.

Opinions on the fact if we should leave Segways on the pavements or if we should send them to roads differ. Buggies are actually not specifically mentioned in the law of traffic in surface road network. Because they are not described as subjects for which the road is determined they are considered as pedestrians.

Prague 1 asked the Ministry of Transport for a solution. The Ministry however does not plan any change in legislation. “According to current legislation, enough means exist how to reduce the traffic of segways on places where it is not suitable”, the spokesman of the Ministry, Tomáš Neřold, said.

It concerns e.g. formation of a local notice modifying the traffic or the installation of signs with no entry for pedestrians and with an additional chart “valid for segway” on problematic places.

This opinion shares also a traffic specialist and deputy Stanislav Huml.”Segways move too slowly, by the walkspeed, to move among cars”, says Huml. “I can imagine them on bikeways. They do not annoy me on pavements. Maybe No entry could help on specific and narrow places,” he is thinking. Prague 1 let elaborate a professional study which should support its opinion. Material from CVUT however supported the statement of the association that “is not necessary to generally prohibit using Segway buggies on pavements together with pedestrians”. The prohibition of Segway traffic in the centre of Prague was not supported even by the spokesman of Prague rescue squad according to whom they register only 2 injuries during last 5 years. Prague councillors should meet again in September therefore we will have to wait for next conclusions, Bon Voyage so far! To avoid conflicts with pedestrians, we have decided to voluntarily comply with Segway etiquette:, Prague Tour Center

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